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Parents of preschoolers feel overwhelmed and skeptical about organized sports for their young children. HappyFeet Soccer combines imaginative curriculum with soccer-specific fitness programs to ensure kids are having fun and developing, no matter what sport they play in the future. Our trained coaches guide your child to become a brave, creative, leader in soccer and in life.


Families today are busier than ever. HappyFeet Classes and Leagues are designed with flexible schedule options...


Yes!...if you mean competitive, win-at-all-costs team sports. But, luckily that is NOT what HappyFeet is all about...



Volunteer parent coaches?! No thank you. :) All of our coaches are hired for a delicate balance of child development experience, soccer experience, and high-energy, positive personalities...


Your child has potential. Our programs are progressional and designed to maximize their potential for as long as they want to play...



The HappyFeet curriculum maximizes the opportunity for your child to experience INDIVIDUAL CREATIVE MOMENTS OF SUCCESS. These early moments set your child on a path to living active, creative, and healthy lives!

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Stories, songs, games and adventures...

all centered around a soccer ball!


Little Toes

Special class or league divisions just for 2.5-3 yr olds 

HappyFeet Classes

30 minute classes for 3-5 yr olds 

HappyFeet League

1 hr sessions: a mini-class and game for 3-5 yr olds 

Future Legends League

1 practice and 1 game per week for 5-7 yr olds 

Junior Legends 4v4 Team

Introduction to Club Soccer for U8 Players 

Legends Club Teams

Player development + competitive teams for U9-U18 


Have Fun

Learn New Skills

Become a Brave, Creative Leader for Life!

You. Are. Busy.

Families today are busier than ever. We get that - and we believe in developing well-rounded children that participate in a wide variety of activities. That's why our HappyFeet programs are designed with flexible schedule options.

The Challenge: Families are busy - and children have short attention spans

The Mission: We develop children through soccer programs that are offered year-round with flexible schedules. Participate at your child's pace and within your family's lifestyle.

The Solution: When your child is ready to get started, register for a class or league!

  • Classes held at your child's school saves family time in the evenings
  • Leagues are offered in 6-8 week seasons, on both weekends and weekday evenings
  • HappyFeet Leagues are 1 hour long, which includes both a practice AND mini-game combined

Now is the time!

HappyFeet is NOT win-at-all-costs team sports. It is designed specifically for 2.5-5 year old children.

Why? We believe our active-start program in early childhood will maximize your child's growth in physical literacy, cognitive learning, and soccer skills.

How? All of our programs are designed to build on the rapidly developing imaginations of preschoolers. Our philosophy of coaching is to focus exclusively on the individual development of each child - which is great for your child, but also results in programs that are WAY MORE FUN because every child has their own ball.

Plus, our curriculum is built around the things kid's enjoy most: songs, stories, adventures, and imaginative games. This means every child is mentally engaged - not off picking flowers or chasing butterflies!

Our curriculum incorporates all the things young children need for healthy development:

  • Running, jumping, twisting, stretching, hopping, kicking, balancing
  • Trying new things, problem solving, overcoming challenges, being creative
  • Learning to be brave, to help others, to work together, to listen, to communicate

Is it too early for your child to work on these things? Absolutely not!

We Coach - You Cheer!

While we know there are some wonderful volunteer parent-coaches in the world, we love being able to staff our programs with trained coaches. All of our coaches are hired for a delicate balance of child development experience, soccer experience, and high-energy, positive personalities. TRUST is crucial when working with young children. And nothing builds trust more than being silly, playing, and laughing with a child.

So, you won't have to coach, but you will need to do a few things:

  1. Register
  2. Show up on time, with a positive attitude
  3. Watch, clap, and celebrate the effort of every child
  4. Tell your child "I love to watch you play!"

That's it!

Your Child's Path

One of our core beliefs is that every child has great potential - and we can help them reach it. Our programs are designed like stepping stones. Each one plays a specific role in your child's "player development pathway." HappyFeet is the foundation of our player development pathway, and also serves as a great foundation no matter what sport they play in the future.

The goal is to develop active, healthy people for life by jumpstarting their physical, social, emotional, and soccer skills. If we can get the foundation right, your child can have a positive and enjoyable youth soccer career for as long as they want to play.

We know that not every child will play college or professional soccer. But, we want them to have a clear developmental pathway for as long as they are passionate about the game. We provide a soccer player development pathway that works for every child - not just the 1% who will play at the highest level. And, for our players who DO play at higher levels, we want them to be well-prepared to get there!

  1. HappyFeet
  2. Future Legends
  3. Junior Legends
  4. Legends
  5. College or Adult Lifetime Player
  6. Professional or Adult Lifetime Player